Positive Examples of Former Child Actors

picture of an appleThe poor behavior of a few young celebrities has made the term “former child actor” a negative one. We’re here to tell you that a career in the entertainment industry does not mean that a child will have a substance abuse problem or spend time in jail. Those stories make the nightly news frequently, but they are not the norm. In reality, most professional performers go on to wonderful careers, warm families, and productive lives in their communities.

We’ve compiled a list of 337 child actors who have reached adulthood in a positive way. They are mathematicians, stay-at-home parents, college graduates, Olympians, attorneys, community advocates and yes, Oscar winning actors. As moms, they make us proud!

Guidelines for Inclusion on the List

Inclusion in The A+ List is at the sole discretion of BizParentz Foundation. We use the following guidelines for inclusion: 

    1. The actor must be at least 27 years old now.
    2. The actor must have performed their first professional acting job before the age of 18.
    3. The actor must be credited with a recognizable role (ie. IMDb.com, Broadway credit, or recognizable commercial).
    4. The actor’s public presence must be void of major controversy and illegal activity. In other words, no arrests, ugly court battles with parents, etc. Yes, we realize that “the most celebrated are the rehabilitated” but for the purposes of the A+ List, we are celebrating those who were successful in avoiding these issues.
    5. Respected members of their community, in whatever field they chose to pursue.

Help Us

Know of a great former child actor? Let us know! We are especially interested in those who pursued lives outside the entertainment industry, since that information is not readily available to us. Please share!

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