The Actor’s Marketing Tools : Photos and Resumes

This section will help you get started with the basics, the very first things you will need to gather for your child.  To submit for agency representation, or to apply for jobs and auditions, your child will need both a photo and a resume.

Photos are referred to in the acting world as “headshots”.  In the modeling/print world, they are sometimes called zed cards or porfolios (a group of photos).  If you are just starting out, and if your child is very small (up to about 3 years old or so) you can take a photo to with a good smartphone.  Once you acquire an agent or manager, they will guide you in finding a professional photographer. For older children, it is strongly suggested that you invest in professional photos.

Yes, your child will need a resume, even if they are a baby! There is a particular format to entertainment resumes that you will need to follow. Check out the article that explains Resumes here.

Both of these items are marketing tools for your child.  Let’s do this!