In keeping with the spirit and purpose of BizParentz (a non-profit foundation), we believe in hosting events and activities that is a celebrate professional young performers and their input into the entertainment industry. Our mission is to not only acknowledgment of their work, but also their training, community service, education and their parents’ effort to be educated about the business.

From 2005 – 2011, this event was held at Universal Studios Hollywood and took the form of a Hollywood-style, but family-friendly awards show,  It was called called CARE – which stands for Child Actor Recognition Event. Awardees qualified based upon a unique point system and application process. While the specifications changed each year, the constant was the emphasis not only on professional work but also being well rounded in the many responsibilities professional child actors have, including involvement in community and charitable activities.  Proceeds from the event were used to fund parent education.

Please visit the individual pages to see the themes, attendees, and our generous sponsors! You will find many celebrity faces among the awardees, a fact we are extremely proud of — those successful adults learned their values at home,supported by Bizparentz.  We knew them when they were talented children, with smart and savvy parents!

We aren’t yet sure what the next generation of Child Actor Recognition Events will look like, but we look forward to planning them together with you!