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Bizparentz is an invaluable resource for respected journalists and academic writers around the world. Most often, we speak “off the record” in an effort to inform and collaborate with writers about the realities of the entertainment industry.  We are grateful to these journalists for making an effort to “get it right”.

This list is a little different…

This page lists news articles, books, television shows, radio shows, and podcasts where we have appeared and been quoted directly. Have a story idea?  Need a quote?  Just want to bounce an idea?  Please contact us at


April 10, 2024 Evie Magazine
“An Open Secret” Exposed the Child Sex Abuse in Hollywood 10 Years Ago but No One Listened
by Andrea Mew

April 10, 2024
Things the Quiet on Set Documentary Left Out
by Rebecca Brayton

April 6, 2024  Vulture
What Quiet on Set Leaves Out is Just as Damning
by Ben Rosenstock

March 17, 2024 Investigation Discovery/Sony Television
Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV (5 part series)
(trailer linked)
by Mary Robertson and Emma Schwartz for Maxine Productions

March 5, 2024  PR Newswire (published in multiple outlets)
Bizparentz Foundation Announces Former Child Actors Who Make the Grade


March 29, 2023 Variety
Sebastian Bear-McClard, Uncut Gems Producer, Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Multiple Women (also Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie, A24)
by Tatiana Siegel

February 22, 2023 CBS Inside Edition
Ex-Squad Members Accuse Piper Rockelle’s Mom of Inappropriate Behavior and Child Exploitation
by Charlie McLravy

January 11, 2023 Variety
Romeo and Juliet Stars Claim a Nude Scene Was Child Abuse — Do They Have a Case? 
by Glenn Maddaus


December 18, 2022 Los Angeles Times
Inside the Blockbuster Lawsuit Threatening One Teen YouTube Star’s Multimillion-dollar Empire (Piper Rockelle)
PDF version of this article
by Amy Kaufman and Jessica Gelt

June 26, 2022 Our Reality Show: Stage Dad
Stage Dad: Social Media, Scams and Safety 
by Glenn Cook

June 19, 2022  Our Reality Show: Stage Dad
Stage Dad: Two Moms & The “Biz”
by Glenn Cook



December 18, 2022 Los Angeles Times
Inside the Blockbuster Lawsuit Threatening One Teen YouTube Star’s Multimillion-dollar Empire (Piper Rockelle)
PDF version of this article
by Amy Kaufman and Jessica Gelt

June 26, 2022 Our Reality Show: Stage Dad
Stage Dad: Social Media, Scams and Safety 
by Glenn Cook

June 19, 2022  Our Reality Show: Stage Dad
Stage Dad: Two Moms & The “Biz”
by Glenn Cook



December 18, 2022 Los Angeles Times
Inside the Blockbuster Lawsuit Threatening One Teen YouTube Star’s Multimillion-dollar Empire (Piper Rockelle)
PDF version of this article
by Amy Kaufman and Jessica Gelt

June 26, 2022 Our Reality Show: Stage Dad
Stage Dad: Social Media, Scams and Safety 
by Glenn Cook

June 19, 2022  Our Reality Show: Stage Dad
Stage Dad: Two Moms & The “Biz”
by Glenn Cook



December 18, 2022 Los Angeles Times
Inside the Blockbuster Lawsuit Threatening One Teen YouTube Star’s Multimillion-dollar Empire (Piper Rockelle)
PDF version of this article
by Amy Kaufman and Jessica Gelt

June 26, 2022 Our Reality Show: Stage Dad
Stage Dad: Social Media, Scams and Safety 
by Glenn Cook

June 19, 2022  Our Reality Show: Stage Dad
Stage Dad: Two Moms & The “Biz”
by Glenn Cook



February 14, 2020 Backstage
How to Get Kids and Teens Cast in Pilots
by Marci Liroff


September 5, 2019 The Guardian (UK and US)
Youtube Kids: How Unboxing, Gaming, and Toy Reviews Took Over  (Video)
by Richard Sprenger

September 2019, Best Acting Workshop Ever
The Parents’ Ultimate Crash Course to Getting Your Kidz in the Biz (Video)
by Kelly Lintz and Erin Elizabeth Burns

August 20, 2019  Hollywood Reporter
“Why Social Media Stars Need a Coogan Law to Protect Them...”
By Harper Lambert

July 2, 2019 Deadline
California Postpones Law…Due to Unavailability of Vendors and Materials
by David Robb

March 21, 2019  NBC News
Child Abuse Charges Against Youtube Channel’s Mom Underscore Lack of Oversight for Kids (video)
By Elizabeth Chuck

February 22, 2019  Columbia Journalism Review
How Esquire Lost the Bryan Singer Story
By Elon Green

March 2019 Issue The Atlantic
Nobody Is Going to Believe You: The Bohemian Rhapsody director Bryan Singer has been trailed by accusations….
By Alex French And Maximillian Potter

February 2019 LongReads
The Lost Boys of #metoo
by Soraya Roberts


December 27, 2017  NPR, KUOW Seattle
An Underwear Maker, His Boy Models and the Man Who Tried to Stop Him
by Austin Jenkins

December 8, 2017 The Resurgent
Hollywood Sex Abuse and Pedophile Rings are Worse Than We Think 
by Steve Berman

November 3, 2017  Los Angeles Times
Sex assault accusations against ex-APA agent renew concerns about alleged abuse of minors in Hollywood 
by Gus Garcia-Roberts

October 26, 2017  IndieWire
Underage Hollywood Abuse Revelations from An Open Secret: 5 Shocking Injustices
by Jenna Marotta

July 14, 2017 Daily Beast
A Modern Family Drama: Behind the Ariel Winter Abuse Allegations
by Maria Elena Fernandez and Christine Pelisek

March 28, 2017 The Guardian
Social Media Camp: a 10-day course on lighting and how to be an influencer
by Rory Carroll

March 4, 2017  On Location Education
Industry Voices: Staying Safe Online Part 2 
by Alan Simon

February 21, 2017 On Location Education
Industry Voices: Safety, Smart Choices & Stage Names Part 1
by Alan Simon

February 2017
Resources:  Bizparentz Foundation is a must-bookmark site for all parents of child actors. 
by Erica Arvold

Toddler Feet in touching a handprint at Grauman's Chinese Theater
January 29, 2017  The Guardian
Nightmares in the Dream Factory: How Hollywood Scams Would-be Child Stars 
by Rory Carroll

January 23, 2017  Creators Publishing (book)
Thinking Outside the Crime and Justice Box
by Diane Dimond


December 31, 2016 Hometown to Hollywood (podcast)
Ann Henry: Co-Founder of
by Bonnie Wallace

4 adults and two child actors at Jackie Elam radio studio
October 1, 2016 Jackie Elam Live!
Bizparentz: Discussion with Anne Henry and Paula Dorn (watch on YouTube)
by Jackie Elam

September 24, 2016 Star Tribune (MN)
They’re Still Kids: Child Actors, Minnesota Roots, and Hollywood Pitfalls
by Neal Justin

September 23, 2016 Los Angeles Times
The Troubled Past and Questionable Benefits of Hollywood’s Oldest Awards Show for Kids
by Daniel Miller

May 23, 2016  The Australian
Hollywood’s Evil Secret: Pedophilia
by Oliver Thring

May 26, 2016  LAist
Corey Feldman on Hollywood Pedophilia Allegations 
By Julia Wick

May 24, 2016  New York Times
Elijah Wood Clarifies Comments on Hollywood Pedophilia
by Daniel Victor

May 22, 2016 Hollywood Reporter
Elijah Wood on Child Abuse in Hollywood
by Arlene Washington

April 1, 2016  Backstage
How to Protect Your Child Actor On Set 
by Marci Liroff


November 2015 Elle Magazine
Amy Berg Uncovered Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret
by Holly Millea

November 17, 2015 CNN Tonight with Don Lemon
Hollywood’s Dirty Secret: Bill Cosby Rape Allegations (transcript)

November 11, 2015 NoHo Arts District
Hollywood Has An Open Secret 
by Lisa

October 21, 2015
What Every Child Actor’s Parent Should Know
by Marci Liroff

October 8, 2015 NewsMax
Controversial “Open Secret” Reveals Hollywood Child Abuse Problem
by David A. Patten

September 15, 2015 Allworth Publishing (book)
Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment: The Prudent Parent’s Guide to Stardom
by Steven C. Beer and Kathryne Badura

September 12, 2015 Noozhawk
Diane Dimond: Pedophilia, Sex Abuse and the True Hollywood Horror Story
by Diane Dimond

September 11, 2015 Backstage
How to Protect Your Child Actor
by Marci Liroff

July 25, 2015 BYOD (Bring Your Own Doc) The LipTV
An Open Secret Documentary Interview with Anne Henry and Evan Henzi (watch on Youtube 35 min)
Hosted by Ondi Timoner

July 20, 2015  The David Feldman Show (podcast)
Hollywood’s Pedophilia Problem (listen at iHeart Radio, 74 min)
Hosted by David Feldman

Anne Henry and Paula Dorn at AOS
July 15, 2015 The Movie Report

An Open Secret LA Premiere Q & A — watch the video on Youtube
hosted by Dawn Chmielewski

July 14, 2015 Hollywood Mom Blog
An Open Secret Los Angeles Premiere
by Tracy Bobbitt

July 6, 2015 Deadline
Another Imposter Caught Posing as a Studio Teacher: “My Daughter was Scared” 
by David Robb

July 6, 2015 Deadline
Studio Teacher Imposters on the Rise: Are Child Actors Safe?
by David Robb

June 26, 2015  Buzzfeed News
The Hollywood Sex Abuse Documentary That You Almost Couldn’t See 
by Adam B. Vary

September 21, 2014 Deadline
Con Men Lied, Faked IDs to “Teach” Kids Working on Hollywood Film Sets
by David Robb

Studio News set at NBC Seattle
June 11, 2015  KING 5 New Day Northwest (NBC Seattle)
Interview with Anne Henry and Evan Henzi of An Open Secret (watch video on FB)
Hosted by Margaret Larson

June 6, 2015 New York Daily News
Documentary, “An Open Secret” Aims to Expose Child Predators in Hollywood
by Joe Neumaier

June 8, 2015  IndyStar
An Open Secret Receives 20 City Distribution Release 
by New Day NW Producers

June 5, 2015 Deadline
SAG-AFTRA Threatened to Sue Amy Berg 
by David Robb

June 5, 2015 Rotten Tomatoes
An Open Secret Scores 93% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes
Dir. Amy Berg, Disarming Films

Spring 2015 Columbia University Master’s Thesis
Acting Like an Adult: The Life of a Child Actor in New York City
by Hanna Klingberg

Spring 2015 SAG AFTRA Magazine
On Location: Cracking Down on Talent Scams

February 2015  Entertainment Tonight / The Insider
Talent Scams Target Child Actor Hopefuls
Producer: Steven Wllks

January 29, 2015 Beverly Press
City Attorney Warns Families to Avoid Talent Scams
by Jonathan Van Dyke

January 23, 2015 CBS News Los Angeles
LA Lawmakers Launch Campaign Against Talent Scout Scams

January 23, 2015  Variety
LA Officials Announce Crackdown on Agent and Manager Talent Scams 
by Ted Johnson

Paula and City officals at podium
January 23, 2015 NBC News
City Attorney Pledges Crackdown on Hollywood Talent Scams (video)
by Patrick Healy

January 23, 2015 Deadline
Manager Debra Baum Busted as LA Cracks Down On Talent Scams
by David Robb


November 14, 2014 The Hollywood Reporter
Hollywood Sex Abuse Doc Debuts: Filmmakers Say Story is Bigger than Bryan Singer’s Accuser
by Hilary Lewis

Novermber 14, 2014  Daily Mail (UK)
Bombshell Documentary About Hollywood Pedophile Ring Premieres in NY
by Annette Witheridge

November 14, 2014  Eye for Film UK
Sharing Secrets: Amy Berg and the People Behind An Open Secret Talk to Thom Powers at DocNYC
by Anne-Katrin Titze

November 14, 2014
Bombshell Documentary
by Jasmine Wright

November 12, 2014 DocNYC Film Festival
World Premiere
An Open Secret (feature film)  

October 1, 2014 Deadline
Justin Bieber & Nicholas Cage, Come on Down — The Actors Fund Has Your Dough! 
by David Robb

August 14, 2013 Backstage
Why New York is Better than LA for Child Stage Actors
by Sean Miller

September 7, 2014  New York Magazine, Vulture
What Happens When You Accuse a Major Hollywood Director of Rape?
by Robert Kolker

August 1, 2014  Hollywood Mom Blog
How to Become a Child Star: Advice for Child Actors
by Tracy Bobbitt

May 9, 2014 Los Angeles Times
The Man Behind the Lawsuits Against Bryan Singer and Others in Hollywood
by Daniel Miller

April 29, 2014  SAG-AFTRA Foundation
The Business: Understanding the Coogan Law (watch on Youtube)
Livestream of workshop for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation

April 22, 2014 Cricket Feet Publishing (book)
Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show)Business — 4th Ed.
by Bonnie Gillespie

January 27, 2014 Yahoo! News
The Upside of Being Justin Bieber
by Joal Ryan

January 23, 2104 Hollywood Mom Brigade
Tax Time! Guest Blogger Paula Dorn Provides Some Insight Into Taxes for Actors


December 9, 2013  Marketing Where Technology Intersects Llfe
Are Casting Hub & Its Cousins Fooling Would-be Child Stars? 
by Deb McAlister

October 13, 2013  Fox News
Experts: Pedophiles in Hollywood even bigger problem than in Corey Feldman’s day 
by Hollie McKay

September 13, 2013  Hollywood Mom Blog
15 Tips When Your Child Actor is Offered a Controversial Role
by Tracy Bobbitt

June 17, 2013 Fox News
Why Some Child Stars Walk Away from Hollywood
by Hollie McKay

June 6, 2013 CBS Inside Edition
Hidden Camera Investigation Into Child Acting School (ACT)
by Investigative Team

May 10, 2013 Fox News
Entertainment Pros: Most Hollywood Moms Should be Moms, not Momagers
by Hollie McKay

2013  Lexington Press Books (textbook)
Portrayals of Children in Popular Culture: Fleeting Images 
Edited by Vibiyana Bowman Cvetkovic and Debbie Olsen


September 21, 2012 Inside Edition
Inside Edition Investigates Hollywood Pedophiles 

June 5, 2012 WAVE 3 News Kentucky
Talent Search Company Under Fire for Use of Disney Name
by Eric Flack

June 2, 2012
Talent Manager Pleads No Contest in Child Abuse Case (Marty Weiss) 
by Dawn Chmielewski

June 1, 2012 Los Angeles Times
Child Talent Manager Pleads No Contest To Child Molestation 
by Dawn Chmielewski

May 27, 2012 Boston Globe
What Does It Take to Become a Disney Star? 
by Neil Swidey

May 8, 2012 Backstage
Warning: Your Child’s Photo Could be On Questionable Sites
by Kelly Crisp

March 2012 Vanity Fair
Shark in the Kiddie Pool (Nick Roses) 
by Ned Zema

February 16, 2012  Los Angeles Times
Profiting Off Aspiring Child Stars 
by Richard Verrier

January 11, 2012 Backstage
New York Revises Controversial Child Performer Regulations
by Patrick Arden

January 10, 2012 KPCC Airtalk (radio)
How to Deal With Child Sexual Abuse in Hollywood 
host Larry Mantle

January 9, 2012  Fox News
Anti-Predator Bill Requires Entertainment Pros Who Work with Kids to be Background Checked
by Hollie McKay

January 8, 2012  Los Angeles Times
Child Sex Abuse Cases in Hollywood Attract Attention 
by Dawn Chmielewski


December 12, 2011 Jezebel
Hollywood Manager Confirms Your Worst Fears About Child Actors And Pedophilia
by Margaret Hartmann

December 11, 2011 Dr. Drew (CNN)
Hollywood’s Dirty Secret: Sex Abuse?  (watch on YouTube)
Transcipt of the Dr. Drew Show 
Dr. Drew Pinksy

December 5, 2011 The Wrap
Does Hollywood Face a Child Molestation Crisis in Casting?
by Kurt Orzeck

December 4, 2011 OhNoTheyDidn’t
Hollywood Manager Arrested in Child Molestation Case

January 13, 2011 The Hollywood Reporter
Parents, Producers, Unions Voice Opposition to Proposed NY Child Performer Rules
by Daniel Holloway


December 10, 2010  Hollywood Mom Blog
New York Department of Labor Plans BIG Changes Affecting Child Actors in NY
by Tracy Bobbitt

November 16, 2010 Courthouse News Service
Judge Tosses Defamation: Cast of the Studio Called “The”
by Anne Youderian

November 12, 2010 PR Web
Talent Search Companies Dismiss Lawsuit Against BizParentz Foundation 

November 3, 2010 NBC Today Show
Why the Business of Child Actors Isn’t Child’s Play 
by Tood Longwell

October 27, 2010 The Hollywood Reporter
Why the Business of Child Actors Isn’t Child’s Play 
by Todd Longwell

October 9l 2010
Consumer Advocates Raise Alarm Over Kid Talent Companies (ACT/The)
by Joey Bunch

screen shot of Anne Henry on VH1 TV showJuly 25, 2010 VH-1
100 Greatest Child Stars

June 28, 2010 Los Angeles Daily News
“Showbiz Families: Valley-area Success Stories”
By Bob Strauss

June 28, 2010 Los Angeles Daily News
More Than An Act
by Bob Strauss

June 27, 2010  Los Angeles Daily News
So, Your Kid Oughta Be In Pictures
By Bob Strauss

June 3, 2010  Seatlle PI
Charged with Sex Crime, Seattle Theatre Producer Attends Audition
By Levi Pulkinnen

May 31, 2010
The CD Workshop Issue
By Bonnie Gillespie

April 14, 2010  Backstage
Juvenile Offenders
by Sarah Kuhn

April 16, 2010 Chicago Tribune
With 5 Kid Actors, Mom Has Hands Full
By John Carpenter

April 13, 2010  NBC Today Show
Breaking You Kid Into Showbiz

March 21, 2010 Reality TV World
Watchdogs Warn of Talent Company Scams
UPI News Service

March 21, 2010 Boston Herald
Kids Beware:  Dark Side of Hollywood Dreams
By Jessica Fargen

March 8, 2010 Backstage
Teacher Education
By Jackie Apodaca

March 4, 2010 Hollywood Mom Blog
CARE Awards Honor Former Child Star Justin Henry 
by Tracy Bobbitt

February 22, 2010 Backstage
Teacher Travails
By Jackie Apodaca


Fall/Winter 2009 Screen Actor Magazine
SAG, Lawmakers Celebrate Passage of California Law to Protect Actors
By Screen Actors Guild

11/18/09 Backstage NY
But What About the Kids?
By Daniel Holloway

11/13/09 NPR National Public Radio
Activists Want Tougher Rules for Reality TV Kids
By Deborah Tedford

The Actors Voice: Your Turn
by Bonnie Gillespie

11/02/09 KCRW (NPR, Santa Monica)
The Business: To Catch a Hollywood Con Artist
by Matt Hozman

10/26/09 Calgary Herald (Canada), National Post
Kids on TV: Just Harmless Entertainment?
by Kathryn Blaze Carlson

10/23/09 California Chronicle
Screen Actors Guild Announces Passage of Consumer Legislation
By California Political Desk

10/23/09 RTV Channel Music News
California Passes New Law to Protect Child Actors From Scams

10/22/09 Sacramento Bee
Paparazzi’s Publishers Now in the Picture as Lawsuit Targets (AB524)
By Jim Sanders

People Standing in front of SAG sign
SAG Announces Passage of Consumer Protection Legislation
Press Conference
Video of press conference (30 min)

10/22/09 Los Angeles Times
California Passes New Law to Protect Child Actors From Scams
By Richard Verrier

10/22/09 Variety
SAG Heralds Law Protecting Kid Actors
By Dave McNary

10/22/09 Backstage
SAG, Lawmakers Celebrate Anti-Scam Bill
By David Holloway

10/22/09 ShootOnline
Screen Actors Guild Announce Passage of Consumer Protection Legislation

10/21/09 The Wrap
SAG, California Pass Consumer Protection Bill
By Sharon Wexler

10/21/09 KNX 1070 News Radio Los Angeles (every hour)
California Passes Talent Scam Bill

10/21/09 NBC Los Angeles
Channel 4 News Los Angeles 6:00PM
Talent Scams
By Alycia Lane

10/21/09 NBC Los
Crackdown on the Price of Fame
By Reva Hicks

7/22/09 Los Angeles City Attorney Press Release
Talent Manager Convicted for Operating Unlicensed Home for Child Actors (PDF)

6/10/09 Creative Kids blog
A Word of Caution About Talent Agents
By Marnie Fera

3/31/09 BonBlogs Spynotebook
CARE 2009 Awards
By Bonnie Gillespie

3/16/09 Wire Services Photo Galleries
Wire Image
5th Annual CARE Awards Red Carpet Photos
By Michael Bezjian

Globe globephotos

AdMedia Photo admediaphoto

Hollywood Upclose hollywood.premiere

3/16/09 Contact Music
The BizParentz Foundation’s 5th Annual CARE Awards to Honor Showbiz Kids

3/07/09 The Actor’s Journey
Stanley Livingston Honored with CARE Award

3/07/09 CARE Awards to Honor Child Stars Past and Present
Press Release (wide national release)

March 2009 Southern California Law Review Vol. 82, Number 3
“Reality’s Kids: Are Children Who Participate on Reality Television Shows Covered Under the Fair Labor Standards Act?”
By Adam P. Greenberg

2/11/09 Backstage
The Working Actor Paying (and Paying, and Paying) PDF
By Jackie Apodoca

1/05/09 KFUV Public Radio (NYC)
Broadway’s Impressionism
By Robin Shannon

January 2009 Self-Management for Actors Third Edition (book)
By Bonnie Gillespie

January 1, 2009 Public Participation Project
Foundation SLAPP Dropped After Transfer to California
by Non-Profit SLAPP California


September 26, 2008 (and distributed nationally via Associated Press)
This link from the South Africa Press Reader
Woman Charged with Running Child Actors Group Home

September 25, 2008 Backstage
Kid Manager Charged with Running Illegal Group Home
by Lauren Horwitch

September 25, 2008 LA Daily News
Stardom for Kids Elusive, Expensive
by Brandon Lowrey

August 2, 2008 — Plain Dealer, Cleveland OH
“Be-A-Star” Industry is After Your Money, Not Your Talent
By Sheryl Harris

July 26, 2008 — Washington Post (and syndicated to papers nationwide and internationally)
“On Reality TV, Who’s Minding the Kids?”
By Teresa Wiltz

June 5, 2008: Aspiring Child Actors Face Biggest Money Scam in History (PDF)

May 30, 2008: The Flint Journal (Michigan)
link to preserved article at Model Mayhem
Imprisoned Sex Offender Still Selling Photos of Young Boys (Bob Lamb)
By Ron Fonger

May 26, 2008 Backstage West, The Working Actor Column
Promoting a Tyke
By Jackie Apodaca

April 13, 2008 Hollywood Highway: Virtual Channel Network
VCN Hollywood Highway video

January 1, 2008 Showfax: The Actors Voice — POV
“Kid Migration and the New Pilot Season”
By Anne Henry and Bonnie Gillespie

January 15, 2008 Showfax: The Actors Voice — POV
“Top Ten Mistakes Showbiz Parents Make”
By Paula Dorn and Bonnie Gillespie

March 15, 2008 BackStage West, Backstage,
“Talent Mgr Pleads Guilty to Annoyance/Molestation”
By Nicole Kristal


December 31, 2007
Bizparentz on Kids In Showbiz
By Bonnie Gillespie

December 31, 2007
Your Turn – Photographers and Acting Coaches for Child Actors
By Bonnie Gillespie

December 24, 2007
Kids in Showbiz II
By Bonnie Gillespie

December 17, 2007
Kids in Showbiz
By Bonnie Gillespie

December 12, 2007 Beverly Hills Bar Association
Syllabus / DVD
Employing Minors in the Entertainment Industry: Contracts, the Law and Risk Management
Entertainment Law Section

September 23, 2007 New York Times
When Childhood Is a Tough Role
By Mireya Navarro

September 13, 2007 Backstage West
Kid Nation Sheds Unflattering Light on Reality TV – no longer available
By Lauren Horwitch

September 4, 2007 The Morning Call
Kid Nation

August 31, 2007 Los Angeles Times
Kid Advocates Join Kid Nation Fray
By Maria Elena Fernandez

August 31, 2007
Kid Nation Parents Speak Out
By Maria Elena Fernandez (LA Times Staff Writer)

August 31, Los Angeles Times
Kid Nation Parents Speak Out 
by Maria Elena Fernandez

August 31, 2007 MSN Entertainment
Kid Nation: The Plot Thickens

3 faces screen shot from Hollywood Heat
August 30, 2007 Television: Court TV – Hollywood Heat
Kid Nation Controversy (Video)

August 24, 2007 Los Angeles Times
New Mexico Attorney General Looking into Kid Nation Violations
By Maria Elena Fernandez

August 24, 2007 Washington Post / IMdb
New Mexico Attorney Gen. to Probe Kid Nation
Studio Briefing

July 5, 2007

July 2, 2007 Showfax: The Actors Voice
Bringing the Kids Along
By Bonnie Gillespie

March 29, 2007 Backstage Spotlight on Young Performers
SAG’s Growing Pains, Parents plead for more communication, clarity
By Lauren Horwitch

March 28, 2007 Press Telegram
In the Spotlight: Child Actors
By Evan Henerson

March 27, 2007 Los Angeles Daily News
In the Spotlight: Child Actors MISSING
By Evan Henerson

March 25, 2007 The Southwest Voice
Three Local Kids Receive CARE Awards
By Sherrie Hill

March 25, 2007
2007 CARE Awards (Child Actor Recognition Event)

March 21, 2007 Maryland Gazette
Sisters Win in Hollywood
By Audrey Dutton

March 16, 2007 PR Web (picked up by various newspapers around the country)
Child Actors Get Their Day in the Sun

March 2007, Television Appearance: Industry RSVP Live Interview
Show ID # 31607

January 2007, Rocket 88 Studios
Feature film proposal: Cyber Stranger
Photo Shoot and Interview

January 8, 2007 Showfax: The Actors Voice
Scam Season
By Bonnie Gillespie


December 9, 2006, Flint Journal
Local Photographer Facing Porn Charges Says He’ll Shut Down Sites…
By Ron Fonger

October 12, 2006, Backstage West
For Young Performers Has All the Allure
By Evan Henerson

October 12, 2006, Backstage West – Spotlight on Young Performers
Sing Out Louise: How can parents of young performers balance good business and competent child-rearing?
By Evan Henerson

August 2006,
Resources for Showbiz Kids

July 27, 2006, CNN Showbiz Tonight (TV)
Children and Sex Scenes

July 23, 2006, Showfax: The Actors Voice
It’s Still About Respect
By Bonnie Gillespie

July 20, 2006, CNN Showbiz Tonight (TV)
Too Young to Play Rape (re: Dakota Fanning in HoundDog)

June 4, 2006, New York Times Magazine
Hollywood Elementary (cover story)
by Adrian LeBlanc

May 22, 2006, Showfax: The Actors Voice
Bad Headshots, Good Headshots II
By Bonnie Gillespie

April 27, 2006, Backstage West
Kid Pics for Sale
Showbiz parentz petition eBay To stop controversial auctions
By Nicole Kristal

April 3, 2006, Petition Spot
Ebay: Stop Allowing Erotic Photos to be sold

March 2006, Adelphia Cable
Hollywood Speaks (TV)
Kid Stars Speak

March 2006, Young Star News
2nd Annual CARE Awards (Link no longer available)

February 2006, Self-Management for Actors Revised 2nd Ed. (book)
By Bonnie Gillespie

January 30, 2006 Los Angeles Daily News
Film Wunderkind Temple Honored 
by Evan Henerson


November 16, 2005, Hollywood Reporter
Class Act: Youth Actors Expo
By Patrick Hipes

Winter 2005, Screen Actor Magazine Vol. 46, Num. 5
A Brave New World: Protecting the Guild’s Youngest Members

October 27, 2005, Backstage West
Cypberspace Dangers Exposed at Bizparentz, SAG Foundation Event
By Nicole Kristal

October 18, 2005, Backstage West Spotlight on Young Performers
Protecting Your Child
By Nicole Kristal

October 15, 2005, Backstage West
Protecting Your Child: Understanding the laws and requirements related to child performers is every parent’s job
By Sarah Kuhn

October 26, 2005, Backstage West
Cyberspace Dangers Exposed at Bizparentz, SAG Event
By Nicole Kristal

October 2005, Los Angeles Family Magazine Advocates for the Next Generation of Young Performers
By Emmy Gonzalez

September 12, 2005, Showfax: The Actors Voice
Sign In, Sign Out
By Bonnie Gillespie

September 2005, Los Angeles Family Magazine
Young Celebrity Actors: The “True Hollywood Story”
By Emmy Gonzalez

July 4, 2005, Showfax: The Actors Voice
Publicists: When, Why and Then What?
By Bonnie Gillespie

June 5, 2005, The Washington Post
Buffer the Children
By Gretchen Cook

June 2005, VH-1 News (TV)
Child Star Parents Exposed

April 17, 2005, Scotland on Sunday
The Kids of Fame
By Mireya Navarro and Louisa Pearson

March 31, 2005, Backstage West
Parents Care: Bizparentz gives young performers and their parents the attention they deserve
By Sarah Kuhn

March 31, 2005, Backstage West
Protecting Your Child: Understanding the laws and requirements related to child performers is every parent’s job
By Sarah Kuhn

Anne Henry on The Big Idea Show
March 29, 2005, CNBC – The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch
Child Stars: The Business and Controversy (Video Coming Soon)

March 20, 2005, New York Times
Star Kids, Family Stress
By Mireya Navarro

March 2005, Young Star News (online)
Kids Honored at CARE Awards

March 2005, Sides Magazine (online)
CARE 2005

March 3-9 2005, Backstage West
Young Performers Honored in Gala Event

February 24, 2005, Backstage West
Congratulations Bizparentz Foundation CARE 2005 Awardees

February 18, 2005, Dr. Phil (TV)
Debate Dr. Phil: Stage Parents, Transcript

January 17, 2005, Showfax: The Actors Voice
By Bonnie Gillespie

2003 to 2004

November 8, 2004, Showfax: The Actors Voice
Financial Core: What Is It?
By Bonnie Gillespie

November 3, 2004, Screen Actors Guild Foundation LifeRaft
The Coogan Law (video available from SAG Foundation)
Facilitated by Paula Dorn and Anne Henry

April 1, 2004, Backstage West
Clearing Up Coogan Confusion
By Laura Weinert

August 13, 2003, Backstage West / Rueters / CNN
Headshots for Sale
By Rob Kendt