Often young performers are told they need to “get their face out there”, get “exposure”, “build a fan base”, or “get publicity–all publicity is good publicity”. But these concepts are not quite the same for CHILD actors as they are for ADULT actors. Safety, avoiding an “ugly stagemom” label, and our child’s future are all important factors.

There is some risk to sharing your child’s image and personal information with strangers. In addition, parents are often viewed as “pushy stagemoms” when they attempt marketing in a not-so-subtle ways. As a result, they hurt their child’s career more than help.

Add to that, we are making decisions for our children for the rest of their lives. The “image” you create for your performer will follow them, thanks to the internet, forever. What happens when they want to move on to another career? Will future employers and colleges “google” them and find things that will hamper their success?

In this section, we will discuss how to promote your child’s talent in an appropriate way, while protecting them at the same time.