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The articles and resources in this area cover the types of things you will likely encounter once you are actively seeking, or being offered employment. This is both an exciting and critical stage.

Information in this section is constantly evolving as the accepted standards in the industry shift. However, any great variance from the information provided here should be approached with caution.

Agents and Managers: Do you know their job descriptions and who you need when and where? There are some regional differences regarding the job functions of agents and managers. States like California have licenses and laws that govern what agents and managers can do. Other states just have accepted business practices. It’s important to know the difference.

Making Deals: Most parents are completely uninformed when it comes to deal making, yet we all want to do right by our children. What things should you be aware of in deal-making for child actors?

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Learn about agents and managers for child actors

Agents and Managers

Agent or manager? Let’s discuss both the job descriptions and who you need when and where.

There are some regional differences regarding the job functions of agents and managers. Find out more and be sure to choose the right representation.

How to get an agent or manager for a child actor

Get an Agent / Manager

Do not ever come to Los Angeles expecting to work without an agent. It just doesn’t work that way. Find out how it works.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to be “discovered” in a competition or showcase in order to get a representative. You should never pay to be represented or to audition for agents or managers.

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Representation Changes

Do you want to leave the agency or Management Company, follow the representative to a different company, or look for new representation?

It is always scary when a shift occurs in your relationship with the industry pros you trust. Mergers, bankruptcy, an agent moving on…it all causes stress. Click here to find out how to navigate your professional relationships like a pro.