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Katie T.
Casting Director

Navigating this industry can be especially challenging for kids because there are so many scammers specifically targeting stage parents. Because of this, Bizparentz has become a vital and valued resource for any parent attempting to traverse this industry with their child while keeping them safe. They educated and empower parents to be effective advocates for their children, to ensure their protection and chances at success. I’m truly grateful for Anne, Paula and all the volunteers at Bizparents. It’s work like theirs that really makes a difference in this industry, and the world.

Valerie S.

Thank you Bizparentz for helping us to protect our children!

Ron M.

So thankful for people sharing the truth, hopes, realities, failures, potential dangers AND successes in the entertainment business. Anne and Paula are true advocates for children in (and not in) the biz.

Stacy C.

Love them and the hard work they do providing help and info.

Heather M.

Informative. Funny. A long needed resource for families!

Denise G.
Casting Director

As a casting director, I recommend BizParentz Foundation’s website to all actors (young and old) and their parents, that I work with. So happy this organization exists!

Susan G. M.

This is best place, and usually the most accurate place, to get information to protect our children in this industry. Keep up the good work ladies.

Alaina J.

I am very grateful for the honest, helpful, straightforward information this organization has provided us on our journey

Melissa C.
Parent of 3 actors

The source I have trusted for 11 years with 3 kids in the business. So grateful for this amazing organization and the way they protect kids! Thank you for all your help.

Stacy W.

I have followed this business for a couple of years now, and I have to say that I love the information and advice. It has saved not only me….but MY CHILD…from headaches and legal issues. THANK YOU for ALWAYS having the children’s best interest at heart. *You cant please everyone*. Keep on doing YOU.
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Deborah F.

If you are a new parent looking to get your child in the entertainment industry or have a working child in the business already and seek answers, BizParentz is your go-to source.

Elizabeth P.
Parent to 2 Actors

BizParentz is an amazing resource on child safety in the entertainment industry. They have helped me protect my own children as well as advocate for safety regulations within another large governing body of a popular youth sport. The knowledge possessed by Anne and Paula is unparalleled and their kindness and willingness to help every child they can is incredible. Thank you BizParentz for helping us protect our children!!!
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