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Making Deals

When your child is offered a job, big or small, it is a time for celebration!  But within that celebration is always a little bit of stress, thanks to the negotiations process.   Why?  Because most parents are completely uninformed when it comes to deal making, yet we all want to do right by our children.  
For child actors just starting their career, there isn't much negotiating to be done.  You may have to take whatever is offered, whether it is union scale wages, or just "copy and credit".   But as a child's career progresses, your agent, manager and/or lawyer will advise you to hold off celebrating until they have a chance to negotiate with the producers. 
The articles in this section outline some of the unique aspects of negotiations for child performers. It is intended as an educational section only; a basis for discussion with your representatives.  Every deal is different, so we can't tell you what will happen...we can only share the possibilities.   We want parents to be aware of the hard work their child's agent/manager is doing behind the scenes on their behalf.   

See also  SAG Contract Provision for Minors (Basic Codified Agreement)
This section is NOT legal advice, nor is it financial advice.  Parents should always consult licensed professionals when making a deal.  In many states, it is illegal for parents or managers to actually negotiate a contract, so be sure you are operating within the law where you live.