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The BizParentz Foundation Collectible PIN

BizParentz Foundation announces the availability of a collectible pin we hope will become the symbol of families in the entertainment industry.  2009 CARE Awardee Avery Hatch submitted this design as part of her CARE application, when asked to provide a logo which best represents child actors and their parents. Please visit other 2009 CARE Awards pages to see other submissions.

This is a great way for parents to signify that they are educated, supportive and aware of the challenges as well as the rewards this industry provides. The pin was a gift given to each guest attending CARE 2009.  We have a limited number of pins available to other families who wish to share in this message.  The pin is available for a donation of $20.00, which includes shipping and handling, and comes on a card with the sentiment indicated below.

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This pin is symbolic of the bond of love within families in the entertainment industry and the role of parents, in helping their children achieve their dreams.  The concept was designed by Avery Hatch, a CARE 2009 awardee. By wearing this pin, you will help promote the positive image of child actors and their parents.

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