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Special CARE Awardees

Special CARE Awardee Recipient 2011 - Erin Murphy

The topless photo of Erin Murphy on the internet isn’t what you think. Erin began her career while still in diapers. Discovered by an agent, as her mother pushed her stroller in L.A., Erin got her first job, playing a boy in a commercial for Folgers Coffee, at eleven months. Her next job was a detergent commercial with future President Ronald Reagan.
Right before her second birthday, ABC came calling, and Erin was cast as little witch Tabitha Stephens on the top ten sitcom, Bewitched. Millions of fans around the world tuned in to see if Tabitha had inherited magical powers from her mother Samantha. They delighted in Erin’s antics as she turned bullies into bulldogs and bullfrogs, played piano like a maestro and skated like Dorothy Hamill. Magazine covers, television appearances, a series of comic books and dolls and paper dolls in her likeness soon followed.  Another interesting endorsement was Baskin Robbins Bewitched ice cream (it was horrible - vanilla with crunchy pieces of orange and licorice) but, Erin happily graced the posters and promoted it like a trooper.
After eight seasons, 23 Emmy nominations, and 254 episodes, Bewitched gracefully ended without cancellation. Despite the fact that Bewitched was filmed in the 60’s and 70’s, the popularity of the show endures. Entertainment Weekly recently named Bewitched one of the “100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time” and for the 50th Anniversary of TV Guide, they included Bewitched in the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and one of the Top 10 Sitcoms.  Erin helped Sony promote the release of the feature film version of Bewitched and is the host of the special features section on the upcoming DVD box set. Erin was also on hand in Salem to unveil a Bewitched statue for the TVLand Landmarks series. As part of one of the most beloved sitcoms in television history, Erin is embraced by fans around the world. TV Week Magazine in Australia named Erin number three on their list of Top 10 TV Kids of all time. In Japan she is mobbed by fans who know her as “Tabitha-san”.
Immediately following Bewitched, Erin turned down a part on The Waltons to go to Girl Scout camp, but she didn’t lose her love for the business. During her teens, Erin modeled and did numerous commercials. She was featured in a national print campaign for Hang Ten swimwear. Her 80+ commercial appearances include memorable ones with Henry Fonda (Kodak) and Eddie Albert (Tropicana Orange Juice). She’s promoted everything from McDonald’s to Oldsmobile. Erin was able to balance a successful career with a normal childhood, including being a high school cheerleader and homecoming queen.
As an adult, Erin has worked as an acting teacher, television producer, casting director, a makeup artist, a motivational speaker and even as a stunt double for Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen, but her true calling is in front of the camera. Erin has recently entered the wonderful world of direct response. Watch for her as the host of the Ab Shark for Thane, the Bun Shaper for Emson & the SomaTrac Inversion Table for Lordex. Erin is also the spokesperson for APY60: American Power Yoga.
Erin can be seen as a co-star of Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling on CMT. Her wrestling persona is the Mistress of Mayhem (otherwise known as M.O.M). Erin also let Rupaul turn her into the “drag queen” Aurora Borealis, for Rupaul’s Drag U on LOGO/ MTV Networks. Erin is also the owner of Murphy Media Training & is a sought after acting coach specializing in young talent & television hosts.
With her engaging personality, sense of humor and ability to appeal to audiences as diverse as Nickelodeon and Howard Stern, Erin is a popular celebrity guest host and entertainment reporter. She’s been featured on numerous programs including the Today Show, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, Rosie O’Donnell, Good Morning America, Extra and Access Hollywood. You might also have caught her on E!, A&E, Oxygen, CNN Headline News, the TV Guide Channel or one of her numerous appearances as a National Spokesperson for TVLand. Erin can be seen regularly discussing the week in reality TV on the Fox Reality Channel, as the host of Disney’s Parentpedia, on TVLand Confidential and on the E! Special “Top 50 Child Stars We Love”. Erin is also featured on several episodes of Craft Lab for DIY/ HGTV, Groomer Has It for Animal Planet & Over Your Head on HGTV. Erin is comfortable talking about issues as diverse as parenting (for CNBC), fashion and cooking (Home & Family) to the OJ Simpson trial (Good Day Live). She’s equally at home on a game show, as a presenter at an awards show, or as a celebrity DJ on the radio. Erin even charmed her way thru an appearance as a sportscaster in Chicago.
Recently, Erin has been featured in dozens of publications including People, US, Allure, USA Today, Hello!, TV Week and Inside TV. But her personal favorite is being included repeatedly in the TV Guide crossword puzzle.
Outside of entertainment, Erin is most proud of her role as mom to six (no typo!) boys and wife to husband Darren (yes that’s really his name!). Erin is very active in the community and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.  She’s been president of the Junior Women’s Club and is a member of her City Council Leadership Program.  Despite her busy schedule, Erin finds time to volunteer weekly at a local therapeutic riding stable. Erin’s also been donating blood since she turned 18 and taped a PSA for the Red Cross in New Orleans (where she hosted a blood drive). She’s done everything from chairing golf tournaments to running the dunk tank at her hometown Fiesta and she actively supports Autism awareness. Erin is an avid writer, with a background in journalism and entertainment reporting with a passion for fitness, fashion, cooking, sailing and animals. Her motto is “The joy is in the journey!”


Special CARE Awardee Recipients - 2011  Lloyd J. and Sherwood Schwartz

The first?if not the only?father/son producing team in television history?they have worked together since 1965.  After an extensive award-winning career in radio and television, Sherwood created and produced ?Gilligan?s Island,? when Lloyd joined him.  Together, they have done many TV shows, movies and stage plays including ?The Brady Bunch? in every form?even the recently published book, ?Brady, Brady, Brady.?  This year, Sherwood will turn ninety-five and is still working.  He and Lloyd are executive producers of the upcoming Warner Brothers feature film of ?Gilligan?s Island.?  Their credits are too numerous to mention, but many have included child performers.  Their love of children and programming for family viewing has been their main concern over the years.  In addition, Lloyd and his wife, Barbara, are the founders and executive directors of ?The Storybook Theatre of Los Angeles? which has produced interactive musicals for children at Theatre West for the last twenty-five years.

**  Sadly, Mr. Sherwood Schwartz passed away July 12, 2011 at the accomplished age of 94.  Our deepest condolences to Lloyd and his entire family. **

Lloyd J. and Sherwood Schwartz
Gilligan's Island
The Brady Bunch

Special CARE Award Recipient 2010  - Justin Henry

It was 1976 in a small suburb of New York, when Shirley Rich saw Justin Henry in a second grade class room. Just like the rest of his school mates Justin was enjoying the day unaware Shirley was canvassing schools in the area to find the perfect young actor to play the son of Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer. Shirley had cast such films as Saturday Night Fever, Serpico and Night of the Condor. By the time she was done Shirley had picked several hundred candidates, but it was Justin, who stood out at the end of the audition process. He was cast as Billy Kramer to play opposite Dustin and Merly Streep having never acted before and barely able to read. 

With the help of Meryl, director Robert Benton and Dustin, Justin cultivated his natural acting talent and began his life as an actor. The film was a tremendous success, and Justin earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, two Golden Globe nomination and won the David de Donnatello in his very first role. He remains the youngest Academy Award nominee to this day.

Following the incredible success of the film and whirlwind that followed, Justin and his family decided that if an acting career was to be his path there was no need to rush it. Justin turned back to his schooling and the busy life of a young boy.  There were ups and downs, hockey games, homework and family time.  But there was also a desire to get back to acting, and by the time Justin was twelve he had fully returned to the craft.  He appeared in several TV shows and films including Sixteen Candles, Martins Day and Sweet Hearts Dance.  All the while attending school, hockey practice and managing the challenges of growing up in the spotlight!  Soon Justin decided it was time to focus on his next phase – college. At the age of seventeen Justin attended Skidmore College, where he played three years of lacrosse, participated in the theatre program and graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Once again the acting bug was biting, and Justin was off to Los Angeles to set up shop. After eight years away from acting, Justin returned to star in
John Frankenheimer's acclaimed television film Andersonville . He continues working in front of the camera in independently directed films including Finding Home and My Dinner with Jimi, and on TV in ER and most recently on NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy with Christian Slater.  

Justin is long away from his film
debut as the kid with no acting training. He has made the transformation to a full adult actor and tempers the industry ups and downs with passions in digital media, production, and music. He continues to live in Los Angeles and is now a parent himself. He has a young daughter, who is the light of his life.

For Justin the journey remains the destination, and acting is the wonderful playground where he can always be free. A young actor becomes a young person, and young person becomes an adult, but the child always remains!

Justin Henry

Special CARE Award Recipient 2009  - Stanley Livingston

Mr. Livingston's 53 year career began at the tender age of four when he performed with an underwater swim group called the "Water Babies".  The Water Babies appeared on You Asked for It, a popular television show back in the early 1950s, and inspired articles in Vogue and McCall's magazines.  Mr. Livingston turned actor at age five, appearing as a neighborhood kid on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet for four seasons, until 1960 when he began his role as "Chip" on My Three Sons.  That series ran for an incredible 12 years, and can be seen today on Nickelodeon, as well as a DVD set released in Fall 2008. 


Mr. Livingston went on to appear in 10 feature films, including Please Don't Eat the Daisies and How the West Was Won, along with a host of television films and live stage productions. 


Stan's other activities are behind the camera, but continue to flow with creativity.  He has written, produced and directed numerous commercials, music videos, a pilot, PBS-type educational programming, and several prominent theatre projects including the musical "Dorian', starring his real life and on-screen brother, Barry Livingston.  He became a much sought after glass artist (  Stan also co-authored a screenplay for The Aftermath, the film of which is now in release on video.


Most recently, Stan completed directing all 20 episodes of a brand new children's television series, "Cory the Clown", and the must-see DVD series, The Actors Journey for Kids in which Stan interviews more than 100 of his famous friends, co-workers, and industry professionals.


Special CARE Award Recipient 2008 - Fred Savage

Fred Savage started his career at the age of 4 in short films, commercials, and features such as “The Princess Bride”. At age 12 he booked his most recognizable role, Kevin Arnold in “The Wonder Years” which brought him Emmy and Golden Globe noms. As an adult, he nabbed two more series regular roles: “Working” for NBC, and “Crumbs” for ABC, and ahs been recently cast in the CBS pilot, “Single White Millionaire”.

Fred wasn’t all about the limelight though. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in English, and then returned to Hollywood as a director of hot shows such as Hannah Montana, and Wizards of Waverly Place, which garnered him a DGA nomination this year. He married his childhood friend Jennifer in 2004 and they are the proud parents of 1 ˝ yr old Oliver. A new little Savage is on the way!

Special CARE Award Recipient 2008 - Joanne Savage

Joanne Savage, along with her husband Lew, supported the careers of three successful showbiz children, Ben, Kala and Fred. She has served on the Screen Actor’s Guild Young Performers Committee and volunteered her time as a Board Member of The Actors Fund Looking Ahead program. Today, Ms. Savage is the owner of Accountants, Inc. a recruiting firm for accounting and finance personnel.

When asked what her major accomplishments are, Joanne says, “wife, mother of 3, mother-in-law of 1, and grandmother of 1.95”. Only a financial guru would phrase it that way! But that IS what it is all about—family—isn’t it?

Special CARE Award Recipient 2007 - Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence started his professional career at the age of 5 doing 43 national commercials his first year. His appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson led him to being cast in the hit TV series "Gimme A Break", which ran for six years.

Then as a young teenager, Joey moved on to his next series, "Blossom", where he soon became a household name and bona fide teen idol, playing the intellectually challenged Joey Russo - "whoa"!   Next came the series "Brotherly Love" co-starring Joey's real life brothers, Mathew and Andrew. Joey is currently completing an arc on "CSI, NY" opposite Gary Sinese.

In addition to series TV, Joey has starred in numerous films. He got his first big break in the feature "Urban Legends". Most recently he has completed three features soon to be released: "Rest Stop", "Killer Pad", and "Together Again".

Joey resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Chandie and their baby daughter Charli.

Special CARE Award Recipient 2006 - Margaret O’Brien

Legendary child star Margaret O'Brien, is considered by most film critics and historians as the greatest "Little" actress of all times. O'Brien, a gifted dramatic performer, was one of the most popular movie stars of the 1940's. At age three she expressed a serious desire to pursue acting while posing for magazine covers for photographer Paul Hesse, and the rest is movie history.

Her film debut was a one-minute scene in "Babes on Broadway" (1941). Studio Executives were amazed at her extraordinary talent and cast her in "Journey For Margaret" (1942), as the little orphan girl during the war. Overnight, Margaret O'Brien soared to major Stardom! She was heralded as a "sensation", a "child genius," and MGM wisely signed her to a long term contract.

Margaret remained the biggest child star throughout the 1940's, being a number one box office attraction. Her unforgettable performance as "Tootie" in Vincente Minnelli's "Meet Me In St. Louis" (1944), with Judy Garland as her co-star, earned her and Academy Award and the position of the highest paid star in the nation.

Margaret turned out spectacular performances in such classics as "The Canterville Ghost" (1944) and "Unfinished Dance" (1947).Her brilliant work in "The secret Garden" (1948) and "Little Women" (1949) immortalized in the tear filled eyes of audiences world wide. Additional movie successes (more than thirty in all) included "Three Wise Fools", "Jane Eyre", "Bad Bascomb", "Tenth Avenue Angel" and "Music for Millions".

Margaret O'Brien Masterfully performed roles requiring experiences far beyond her years. The admiration of her acting colleagues and her loyal audience won her the title "America's favorite sweetheart". Margaret was a beloved treasure of the movies and the adoring public. Her millions of fans collected Margaret O'Brien dolls, hats, paper dolls, coloring books, and dozens of other Margaret O'Brien products. In fact, film star product endorsements reached an all time high in the mid-forties, due largely because of Margaret O'Brien.

Achieving super star status during Hollywood's "Golden Era", provided a career most actors can only dream of. Today Margaret continues to receive film and television offers. She has guest starred on many television shows, including, "Murder She Wrote" and "Tales From the Darkside." Margaret remains very active in charitable affairs and most ecently completed the film "Hollywood Mortuary."

Special CARE Award Recipient 2005 - Justin Shenkarow

Justin Shenkarow has starred in television and film for over 17 years. He received three Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and a Blockbuster Award for his ensemble work as an actor on “Picket Fences.” He has starred in television shows including Eerie Indiana, Home Improvement, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Strong Medicine, and Boston Public.. He recently wrapped shooting two films, one co-starring Eric Roberts entitled “Comedy Hell,” and the other entitled “House of the Dead 2.” He has also written, directed, produced and starred in three short films.

He is a graduate of Stanford University, where he studied business, and also spent a year studying art history in Paris. In 2004, he was elected to the Screen Actors Board and was recently elected to chair the Young Performer’s Committee. He is determined to improve the conditions of young actors and provide them with every opportunity. He recently championed a Mentoring Event which takes successful previous young performers who have transitioned into adult actors and places them in a group setting to mentor young actors who are facing similar challenges so that they can learn from them and hopefully make better choices for their future. He is also a member of the Stanford Leaders Alumni Board, Looking Ahead Advisory Board, and is also a Big Brother to two wonderful young twin girls—Erica and Danielle.