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CARE Awards 2009

Welcome to the Emerald City….

CARE 2009 is goin’ GREEN.  Well, not that kind of green…Emerald City Green!  BizParentz used the Wizard of Oz theme to highlight how our industry has morphed though time.  The classic Oz books gave way to a Broadway show, to timeless film and now to the updated version in Wicked. Our industry is constantly changing as well, but the history is valuable, and so much stays the same!

Attendees enjoyed a perfect California day and they headed off to Universal Studios Hollywood via a private entrance.  Since this year’s awardees came from at least 14 states and Canada, we were thankful for the beautiful weather!  The 100 yard red carpet was buzzing with media as each of the awardees struck a pose for the cameras and gave interviews. Even Glinda and Elphaba, the witches of Oz, made an appearance, giving the guests outside a glimpse of what was to come.  

Inside, awardees were presented with bags containing kid-centric gifts from our sponsors.  Everything from acting classes and industry books, DVDs and CDs, toys and candy to indoor skydiving was included!  The Universal Studios backpacks were bulging with gifts worth more than $400.  For a list of our gift bag sponsors, please click here: See our sponsors!

As the attendees entered the Globe Theatre, the theme became obvious:   we’re traveling to Oz!  The green silk tablecloths were laden with gifts of edible “bedazzled” emerald bonbons, collectible programs, and sparkling centerpieces.   Each guest was also treated to a special surprise:  a unique collectible pin designed by art winner and CARE 2009 awardee, Avery Hatch.  The pin was designed for use with the lanyards and “Defy Gravity” event passes each guest received as they came through the gates of the event.  The pins’ message:  “A Parent’s Love, A Child’s Dreams”.  

The catered luncheon was served buffet style as each awardee got to see their headshot on the giant screens at either side of the room.  The ceremony began when the “good witch” and the “bad witch” welcomed everyone to their world, and introduced hosts Anne Henry and Paula Dorn from BizParentz Foundation, and emcee Justin Shenkarow, former child actor and National Chair of the Screen Actors’ Guild Young Performers Committee.   

The awardees were called up by table number and received their trophy and photo op with Glenda and Elphaba.   Special recognition was given for winners of the art component of the CARE application where awardees were asked to design a logo about what the industry means to them and their families. Brian Vermiere and Kristina Hughes of Holdon Log presented gift packages to the winners that included goodies from Holdon Log,  Joy Theatre, and Disney Studios.  

There were more surprise winners as well!  As part of their CARE applications, each awardee wrote an essay answering the question, “If you could travel anywhere, real or imagined, where would you go and why?”.  The answers the kids’ gave were amazing, including travel to foreign countries, heaven, and a host of imaginary places.  Blair and Brian from Casting About presented six awardees with special awards, and they each received a custom gift package from Breakdown Services, Laurel Springs and Disney Studios.  

Our big winner, Savannah Lathem was presented with a gift package by Laurel Springs School director Marilyn Moseley.  Savannah’s award included a $2000 scholarship from Laurel Springs, collectibles from Disney Studios, acting classes from Diane Christiansen for her prize package.         

An inspirational message was shared by adult awardee Stanley Livingston (My Three Sons).  Mr. Livingston has enjoyed a 53 year career in the entertainment industry and is now a producer.  His most recent project is “The Actors Journey for Kids”.

The party continued with performances that “Defy Gravity”.  The audience was wowed by Team Tempest who gave us a taste of their performances in Twilight, Paul Blart Mall Cop and many other features (  They introduced us all to the new sport of Free Running.   Our guests were also treated to a laser show compliments of RPI Entertainment.  

Finally, awardees were brought up on stage for a huge group pictures and the nearly 150 professional child actors were showered with green and silver streamers.  Families then headed off down the yellow brick road to spend the rest of their day in Universal Studios Themepark.

CARE Awards

Universal Studios
Breakdown Services, Ltd.
Holdon Log
The Actor's Journey Project - A highly recommended resource by The BizParentz Foundation
The BizParentz Foundation Collectable PIN created by 2009 CARE Awardee Avery Hatch