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CARE Awards 2005

The inaugural year for Child Actor Recognition Event (CARE) was very exciting indeed! The Globe Theatre located inside Universal Studios Hollywood Themepark was the venue, and the event was held on March 13, 2005. Awardees entered the theatre via a red carpet lined with media outlets.

Justin Shenkarow
, National Chairman of the Screen Actors Guild Young Performer's Committee served as emcee, and the program theming for the event included appearances by Shrek and Fiona, serving as both entertainers and providing trophy photo opportunities. Organizers created customized picture keychains for each awardee to share with their parents. Royal blue and silver decor abounded throughout the room. The luncheon was a buffet style catered by Universal Studios.

Awardees served with over 65 non-profit organizations! Honorary CARE awards were presented to Justin Shenkarow and Toby Fulp. Surprise awards were give to kids for the best essays, the theme of which was "My Best Day" - Katelyn Pippy won overall. Some kids elected to create bumper sticker slogans about child actors. We picked our favorite slogan and made it into a license plate frame for all of the parents. The awardees enjoyed the sunny day with their families during the event and for the remainder of the day in the Universal Studios Themepark.

There were 125 CARE 2005 awardees honored for their positive contributions to the entertainment industry. 2005 CARE Awardees were required to perform community service as part of their application packet. Click the PDF below to see a complete list of awardees.

See Red Carpet Coverage on Film Magic and Wire Image!

2005 Program Cover
2005 Organizer's Welcome
Thank you to Joseph Alan Photography, official event photographer

Many CARE Awardees earned "bonus" points on their application by submitting their creative idea for a child actor related bumper sticker.  Here are many of the fun entries we received.  One slogan was selected and actual license plate flames were given to guests.  That slogan was:  I brake for auditions!