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CARE Awards 2012 Announcement

Announcement :  CARE 2012

It is with much consideration and great sadness that we make this announcement today. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to move forward with plans for CARE 2012 at this time. Please know that we put great value on our event and truly believe in the concept of honoring child actors for their efforts as a whole, rather than only for their employment. We will be considering an interim alternative action that will not let that message be lost.

As professionals, we endeavor to be two of the hardest working advocates for child actors and their families in the country (sometimes the world). But we are individual people too: people who make many sacrifices of time, money and energy so that Bizparentz can exist. Today we find that we have to make some tough choices.
We (Anne and Paula) both have personal conflicts this spring which will not allow us to produce a quality event at this time. Anne's son has been serving in the military in Afghanistan, was injured in battle, and he will be home for the first time in over a year. Paula has a critical medical situation in her family that requires her full attention for the next several months. Our families must come first.

In addition to our personal circumstances, there has been subject matter in the media in the past few weeks dealing specifically with the safety of child actors. It makes us take pause. We anticipate that our advocacy and expertise with those issues will require our attention in the next few months, and we hesitate to produce a publicity event that might contribute to the problem during this volatile time. We again encourage you to be certain that you don't mistakenly insert yourself into any situation (awards, etc.) that will project your child into attention from individuals who you do not want near your children.

Thank you for your support of the BizParentz mission. As you probably know, CARE is the major fundraiser for Bizparentz Foundation, a 501c3 charity. We may not have the event this spring, but the Foundation continues to provide services to families and the industry more than ever. Please consider making a donation to support us in that valuable work. We do not personally benefit from donations, but we do have legitimate ongoing expenses. We pledge to use your money wisely. More about that here: Donations

We will update you on the status of the next CARE event as soon as we are able. For now, let's all focus on preserving our families and helping our children to produce entertaining and professional performances for the world. 

Wishing you all a safe and successful New Year,

Paula and Anne